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SwiftIOS Swift IOS

SwiftIOS Requirements

Supported Hardware

  • Standard PC architecture (x86, ia64, multi-core)
  • Sun SPARC
  • Silicon Graphics (N32, N64, IA)
  • Minimum config: 512mb memory, 1gb disk, network adapter, 1ghz CPU.

Host comms

  • Compro RMS PCI
  • Standard Serial Communications (19.2k or 9.6k depending on Host)
  • Native Zaretto Ethernet reflective memory (requires host changes, best suited to MVME197 (1338) installations
  • Scramnet

SwiftIOS Overview


SWIFT IOS is based around the concept of Contained Process Emulation, there are good reasons for this. CPE works by having a native wrapper process which loads UNOS (COFF or .REL) executables, and runs them via a MC68000 emulator. The CPE translates UNOS syscalls into native calls, maps filenames, provides emulated RMB hardware, device support via /dev, and graphics capability via an X display.

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