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F-15 Simulator for Flightgear

This is a new F-15 for Flightgear. The FDM is based on the aerodynamic data found in (AFIT/GAE/ENY/90D-16). Ref: F-15 Aerodynamic data sources

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The 3D Model was provided by Enrique Laso (flyingtoaster)


Overview of the new F-15 model

  • F-15C and F-15D variants, including aerodynamic effects.
  • Realistic FDM based on windtunnel derived aerodynamic data
  • Photorealistic 3d Cockpit with real cockpit textures provided by GeneB from his unique F-15C 80-0007
  • Operational weapons and radar
  • Full range of sound simulation (buffet, gear, engines, etc..)
  • Radar, HUD, VSD, TEWS, MPCD - using Canvas
  • Refuelling, stores
  • In cockpit engine start (including JFS Startup
  • Hydraulics system model
  • Electrics system model
  • New afterburner flames (with luminosity variance depending on scene brightness)
  • External and internal Rembrandt compatible lighting
  • ECS pressurisation system model
  • Control actuator system model
  • Rembrandt ready.

V1.2e Changes

  • Much better textures/liveries; added Lakenheath and Missouri.
  • Better wing root anti-collision lights
  • Added Correct stall warning audio tones and vocal warnings for OWS, Caution and fuel.
  • Canvas optimisations for low frame rates
  • Fix weapon selection after load when master arm selected.
  • Improved view positioning for front & backseat.
  • Rework of lighting, fix halos, rembrandt light points; added lighting dialog to GUI.
  • Reinstate comm radio support

Handling / flight model changes (V1.2e)

  • Overload Warning System (OWS) limits added
  • Pitch/Roll ratio improvements.
  • Tuned pitch and roll ratio - and now takes into account CG% MAC.
  • Corrected lateral position of external wing tanks.
  • Added Nose Wheel Steering. operates in two modes; normal and the maneuvering mode

V1.3 Changes

  • Add support for walker.
  • New livery for CR77-0157. This is for an F-15A
  • Rework ALS flame to be more realistic.
  • Centre HUD projected display on combiners.
  • Support ground refuelling, walker support enhancments.
  • Added ground vehicles (tanker/cart).
  • Fix contrails and engine smoke.
  • Add 144FW livery
  • remove lumpy bit from the middle of the exhaust sound
  • ALS lights off when no power
  • Sounds for MP to reasonable value.
  • Revised engine simulation PB such that pressure is 1.0 (ambient) when engine not turning.
  • Changed sound to use volumes computed in FDM so we can have realistic inside / outside volumes based on canopy position.


Loaded with armaments


My new cockpit model. The 'CRT' displays and HUD are implemented in Canvas and are showing real data in a multiplayer environment.
1. Using FG3.5 (or later) ALS cockpit effects
2. Rembrandt
3. Rembrandt At night with ALS implicit lightmap for panel backlighting. This is with the right engine flamed out - hence the difference in the nozzles (note the new gorgeous modelling credit to Enrique Laso for these)

Beta download


  • Download F-15 model for flightgear 3.6 or later (2015-11-30)
  • Download F-15 model for Flightgear 3.4 (2015-11-30)
  • Download F-15 model for Flightgear 2.1x V1.2.2 Not supported and not everything will work (2015-08-11) PayPal Donate