Crisp Hardcopy System - Ordering Information

Supported Printers

  • Hewlett Packard Deskjets: e.g. 560C, 550C, 1200C, 6xxC 7xxC, 850C
  • Hewlett Packard Laserjets: e.g. II, III, 4, 5 and 6
  • Any PCL Level 2 compatible Printer.

System requirements

  • UNOS 8.1 or later
  • UNOS 8 TASC V1.18 or later; ACCESS
  • 100k disk space
  • 4MB system memory
  • Supported Printer
  • Serial to parallel converter for printers not equipped with a serial port.

For systems currently using a Calcomp or Facit printer the software is a plug in replacement. For systems currently using a video printer a software reconfiguration of the page hardcopy system on both the IOS and the Host may be required.

Crisp Hardcopy System - Pricing


Installation can be done remotely where access to a simulator or hot spare can be arranged via dial in or network. This installation is included in licence fee. Hardware installation is to be performed by maintenance team. Advice on ruggedising printers for on-board usage can be given.

CRISP Single Simulator Licence €4500
CRISP Single Simulator Licence - as part of SwiftIOS upgrade €3000
Additional Licences per Simulator €2200
Typical on Site Installation1 €1100

1Including travel and accommodation. Typical installation will require no less than 4 hours of simulator time for a replacement of non-video printer. For replacement of video printer 5-15 hours will be required

All prices exclude VAT where applicable