Flight Simulator related downloads (including Charles River UNOS toolchest)


F-14 Flight Models

Accurately modelled F-14B based on real aerodynamic data; see F14-B Flightmodel details
Previous versions: F-14B Flightgear model V1.2d F-14B Flightgear model V1.2c F-14B Flightgear model V1.2c F-14B Flightgear model V1.2b F-14B Flightgear model V1.1 F-14B Flightgear model V1.0



Blender AC3D import / export

UNOS downloads

UNOS Package format reading tool (Win32)

Allows the viewing and extraction of archives created with the UNOS package command. From within WinSepia individual files may be viewed or extracted or a range of files can be saved to disk, or removed from the package archive and then saved.
Free, unsupported software

UNOS 8+ essential utilities

  • UNOS 8 kermit
  • UNOS 8 SCCS get
  • UNOS 8 MicroEmacs
  • UNOS 8 tar

Hyperterminal replacement - DCS Terminal Emulator (Serial)

Hyperterminal replacement, a simple no frills serial terminal emulator that we use to connect to UNOS or Gould hosts. Published by DCS Laboratory

VT100 / VT200 public domain fonts (bitmap)

Vt100 Fonts for use windows (.FON format), nice clean and easy to read.

SGI Software

Drivers for the E100 EISA 10/100 card from Phobos: Phobos E100 IRIX 6.x drivers v2.3.3