SwiftIOS - CRDS UNOS hardware replacement

The SWIFT Instructor Station upgrade is a complete replacement for Instructor Stations using Charles River Data Systems computers and the UNOS operating system.

SWIFT uses COTS Intel Architecture PC using Linux (OpenSUSE 11). All of the components of the IOS are run as native tasks within which a UNOS environment which is emulated along with a MC68000. The graphics hardware is emulated at the VME ShortIO level and drives standard X11 displays.

Host Communications

SWIFT can either use Compro PCI-RMS hardware to directly provide reflective memory in the PC or a native comms module that emulates a Reflective Memory segment within the emulation using ethernet or RS-232 as a transport layer.

Upgrade details

SWIFT will be supplied and installed on-site with the minimum possible disruption, typically taking 2-5 days for installation. We will build and test the load from save tapes before installing on site to allow initial verification and proof of operation before the simulator is taken out of training to allow for installation. Our first installation took 3 days and was on schedule. We can run the new hardware along side any existing hardware right up until monitors are changed on the flight deck.