Company information

Contact us on 0845 508 5537 (+44 845 508 5537 from outside the UK), or Contact us by email if you have any questions or require information on any of our products.


Kemps House,
71 High Street,
Portslade Old Village,
East Sussex
BN41 2LH

Background Information

Zaretto is a small highly focussed organisation. We pride ourselves on providing the best service and products that are possible. There are two main strains of our operations, the first is the upgrade and support of ageing Instructor Stations based on CRDS (UNOS) hardware. The second strain is the development of new software and the maintenance of existing software.

Our targetted set of CRDS (Charles River Data Systems) IOS flight simulator products, and deep knowledge and skills with Rediffusion Simulation TASC and ACCESS instructor stations allows us to achieve results that others find hard to match.


After leaving Rediffusion Simulation in 1992 Richard Hart and Richard Harrison met over lunch to discuss the possibility of forming a company specifically to support and enhance the Charles Rivers based instructor stations (Rediffusion TASC and ACCESS). With the skill available we also decided to provide general software development. In 1993 Barry Siddalls (also formerly Redifussion Simulation) and Robert Sonnabend (formerly of Charles River Data Systems) now of Enhanced Training Technology (eT2 ) Ltd. agreed a development partnership to promote migration paths whist supporting UNOS based systems.


  • Richard Harrison - started with CRDS, TASC in 1988
  • Richard Hart - started with CRDS TASC in 1987, Access 1989
  • Steve Hunt - associate available for consultancy

Brief history of projects and achievements

  • Two SwiftIOS upgrades currently in training (B767 Access, B737 Tasc)
  • Developed MenuMatrix, a modern approach to complex catering management using C# .NET 3.5, Entity Framework 2, WPF
  • First Release of ZXAF
  • First phase of Avidyne emulation complete. SWIFT IOS ready for first customer. New website with UNOS toolchest downloads
  • Awarded contract to build Avidyne emulators. SWIFT IOS CPE concept proven and implemtation prototype working
  • First prototype of SWIFT IOS demonstrable.
  • Development of SWIFT IOS began. Crisp upgraded to V1.2.
    Y2K updates to GeCat and Alaska Airlines
  • Production of enterprise-wide point-of-sale solution
  • Major development of sophisticated multi-language, multi-platform Unicode GUI for large UK organisation
  • Awarded contract by GECAT to upgrade remaining 5 simulator instruction stations to CRISP hardcopy systems. Windows UI development, VAX/VMS development. Awarded contract to replace legacy termcap VT100 system to X Window system character mode.
  • Awarded contract to develop Windows GUI using Zinc cross-platform library. Awarded contract for Avery GmBH to produce Win16 printer driver.
  • CRISP Hardcopy development completed and installed at British Midland.
    Awarded a contract to develop MS-DOS based text editor
  • Company formed, first project to upgrade Swiss Hawk Simulator IOS to VCP-6000. Awarded contract to enhance malfunction system and fix long-standing memory leaks in map code.