Crisp IOS Hardcopy System for CRDS based Simulators

The CRISP hardcopy system allows an existing Instructor Station to use inexpensive high quality printers to produce hardcopies of Instructor Station pages. Printer technology is advancing rapidly so much so that printers selected such as Calcomp, Facit and Seiko are outdated, hard to maintain, expensive and producing low quality prints

Using many years of experience both with development of printer drivers, and Instructor Station software Zaretto has developed a new proprietary technology called Intelligent White Mapping. For the first time this technology solves the problem of printing a page with a black background onto paper with a white background, without loss of detail. Higher legibility prints and lower use of consumables are direct benefits of this technology.

Crisp Hardcopy System - Features

  • Landscape or portrait hardcopies.
  • Use of Hewlett Packard PCL level 2 compression to minimise data throughput over the serial link.
  • Monochrome or colour hardcopies
  • Fast production and printing of monochrome hardcopies
  • Intelligent White Mapping which produces hardcopies which are easier to read.
  • Use of optimised code to minimise the time spent processing.
  • Page margin control
  • Advanced colour translation
  • Ink or Toner last longer than Calcomp ribbons, resulting in easier maintenance.
  • No more lost hardcopies. As the Ink or Toner nears the point of exhaustion prints can still be made, preventing the loss of essential harcopies.

Benefits of upgrading to the CRISP Hardcopy system

In a typical training situation, the CRISP hardcopy system will pay for itself within a year  purely on the basis of reduced media costs compared with Seiko or Calcomp.

  • Higher Quality Hardcopy Output
  • All hardcopies are marked with the Simulator Name, date and time of output
  • Reduced Media costs
  • Lower maintenance, due to extended media life