Crisp Hardcopy System - Sample ouput

Crisp uses a novel approach to solving the age old problem of Flight Simulator Instructor Operating Station hardcopy. Fundamentally the monitors in the cockpit generally have a black background for very valid operational reasons, and the constrast and colour schemes are chosen to work best in a low light level environment.

This is something that is incompatible with printing a hardcopy on a white (paper) background. After considerable research and investigation a novel technique was developed to solve this problem. We call this Intelligent White Mapping, and it requires the post processing of the image to determine the areas that need to be recolored to be visible. See the results for yourself below

Intelligent White Mapping: Illustrations

The following images are only representative of the output, the actual print quality is much higher.

The first image, a sample from CRISP clearly shows all of the information that is visible on the IOS. Compared with the Calcomp output, it is much easier to read.



The following image demonstrates the Monochrome output, notice that the number in the box is still visible. Without Intelligent White Mapping the number 11 in the WEATHER button wouldn't be visible.

Crisp Mono output