Computational Aerodynamics

A320 computational aerodynamics using OpenVSP

The IDG A320 project aims to provide a study level A320 simulation for FlightGear. As part of this project I offered to build a new aerodynamics model to replace the existing one which is derived from aeromatic. 

A320 Geometry

OpenVSP takes a geometric modelling approach which is much better suited to computational aerodynamics than a polygon or mesh based model.

All dimensions are in meters.

Using Computational Aerodynamics to create flight models

One of the challenges presented to any one making an aero model is finding the data; so for a long time I've been researching into alternative methods of building an aero model - when there is no wind tunnel data, or to augment an existing wind tunnel model. For example with the F-14 I had good data, except for spoilers, flaps and stores -because these weren't relevant within the scope of the original paper; so I guesstimated them and as I was doing this I kept thinking that there has to be a better way.